On the face of it, Oakley delivers a façade solution using a range of proven commercial systems to ensure a top quality outcome for every project.

But OakleyInteractive ensures you can have so much more.

That’s because our team of specialist façade engineers and delivery experts doesn’t just deal in ‘out of the box’ solutions.

Whether your project is driven by the desire to control cost, drive sustainability, increase architectural impact or improve occupant comfort, we can ensure you get the best outcome by optimising your façade design.

◗◗ Need to control the cost of development? We can show you how to minimise cost without compromising structural integrity.

◗◗ Want a greener building? We’ll help you design in features that make the most of the site and the elements.

◗◗ Pushing the envelope with your design? We love a challenge, and have delivered a range of smart solutions for complex designs around the world.

Our team is expert, their approach is holistic and - best of all – you can get their initial advice at no cost through our OakleyInteractive service, which offers free advice and guidance, focussed on your specific project requirements.

Good advice is hard to come by – especially when it’s FREE.

Get sound, expert advice as you establish your design concepts, using our no charge,
no obligation OakleyInteractive service.


◗◗ Provides high level guidance for façade design that is optimised for site conditions and meets structural requirements;

◗◗ Shows you how your façade design can positively impact building performance; and

◗◗ Answers your tricky design, fabrication and installation questions.

To find out more about either service, contact:

Lance Dunning – 09 574 1509 or David Loloa  – 574 1551


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