The Oakley 40mm System is extremely versatile, offering the architect infinite flexibility and scope in design application.

The Oakley 40mm System is particularly suited to harsh weather conditions as it easily accommodates high wind loadings. This is especially so in high-rise situations when wind tunneling patterns become prevalent.

The Oakley 40mm System gives design flexibility with its choice of Awning, Casement and Sliding Windows, Hinged Doors, and internal and external Sliding Doors. With a glazing capacity of up to 25mm, most glazing needs can be met. Seismic frames and mullions can cater for both structural and thermal movement.

The system is suitable for all types of architectural applications in any combination of size and type from commercial buildings to hotels, apartments, and superior homes where high performing, custom-made units are required.



• 40mm platform
• Flexibility with openings
• Seismic frames
• Up to 25mm glazing capacity