Our operations, products and services will strive for a positive impact on the environment.



• Reduce Carbon Emissions by 2% by July 2014

• Maintain current low levels of waste to landfill

• 5% reduction of potable water use by July 2014

• 80% reduction of total caustic use by 2015

• Design a product/service environmental impact and performance indicating tool for our products by 2015 

 A holistic approach...

We will achieve our vision with a holistic and systematic approach to environmental improvement projects; engaging and educating our employees on sustainability issues, targets and goals. We will develop and understand our current environmental impact through auditing our inputs, outputs and processes, managed through an accredited Environmental Management System.

Tree planting programmes

Fletcher Aluminium employees, families and friends have participated in tree planting programmes fully funded by Fletcher Aluminium.  These activities improve environmental awareness among staff and the wider community.

Energy reduction & recovery

Thermal imaging is used to identify heat loss from equipment which is then modified to improve insulation or tap escaping heat for secondary heating.

Re-using waste

Waste product from our powdercoating process, being our largest waste to landfill component, is now diverted to a third party which re-uses it for powder coating non aesthetic components requiring corrosion protection.  READ MORE »